L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerabilities

Intel proclaims L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerabilities – make sure you are aware! @vmwaresecurity @VMware @vmware_partners @vmwarecloud @cloudhappens @virtualzreality

L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerabilities

Intel disclosed a new class of CPU speculative-execution vulnerabilities, known collectively as “L1 Terminal Fault.” This new class of vulnerabilities can occur on current and past Intel processors (from at least 2009 – 2018) when affected Intel microprocessors are speculating beyond an unpermitted data access. By continuing the speculation in these cases, the affected Intel […] The post L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerabilities appeared first on Partner News .

VMworld 2018 US Gatherings: Official Page

You asked for it! Here it is! The official VMworld 2018 US Gatherings @vmware_partners @VMware @vmwarecloud @cloudhappens @virtualzreality

VMworld 2018 US Gatherings: Official Page

VMworld is famous for its wide array of opportunities to connect with fellow attendees. From our VMworld Fest — to Sponsor Events — to unofficial meet-ups and parties organised by the VMworld community, you’ll find plenty of options for spending time with friends or making new ones. VMworld 2018 US VMworld 2018 US

IDC: VMware Leads Market in IT Automation and…

Great read from IDC: VMware Leads Market in IT Automation and Configuration Management Software #VMware #vmware_partners #vmwarecloud

IDC: VMware Leads Market in IT Automation and…

There are two key approaches that industry analysts take to rate vendors and position them on the competitive scale. One is based on the breadth of features, richness of addressed use cases, and viability and trustworthiness of the brand. These criteria are important as they give customers data that helps to select vendors based The post IDC: VMware Leads Market in IT Automation and Configuration Management Software appeared first on VMware Cloud Management .

Rubrik and vSAN – Better Together

Rubrik and vSAN – Better Together @VMware @rubrik @vitualzreality @vmwarestorage

Rubrik and vSAN – Better Together

Written by: Ben Meadowcroft, Principal Product Manager at Rubrik As enterprises undergo digital transformation, it’s clear that IT solutions must transform with them to keep up with the demands of modern businesses. This change has led IT teams to reevaluate their technology choices, as traditional IT silos and legacy approaches are adding more and more complexity The post Rubrik and vSAN – Better Together appeared first on Virtual Blocks .

From Zero to NSX Hero! Guide to Becoming an…

Go from Zero to NSX Hero! Here is a Guide and resources to Becoming an #NSX expert!! @vmwaresecurity @vmware_partners @VMware @vmwarecloud @cloudhappens @virtualzreality

From Zero to NSX Hero! Guide to Becoming an…

The path toward virtualization and digital transformation can be arduous – but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re working to get a deep download on connectivity and security for apps and your data center for data, the cloud and the edge, look no further. Presenting our guide to becoming an NSX Hero.